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Musk threatens to ban Apple devices at his work

by on12 June 2024

We are not sure whose side we are on here

In a rather petulant display of corporate chest-thumping, Elon [look at me] Musk has threatened to ban Apple gear from his companies after Jobs’ Mob salted its “Apple Intelligence” with AI from OpenAI.

The tech mogul, known for his capricious outbursts, vowed to prohibit the use of Apple products within his empire if the tech giant proceeds with its integration of OpenAI's technology at the operating system level—a move he deems a "blatant security infringement."

Musk proclaimed that any visitor to his companies would be subjected to the indignity of relinquishing their Apple devices by having them placed in a Faraday cage—presumably to prevent any nefarious AI from leaking corporate secrets or influencing the minds of his employees.

The irony is palpable, as Musk himself was a co-founder of OpenAI before parting ways to establish his own AI venture, xAI. His acrimonious departure has since given way to a cacophony of criticism against OpenAI and its current steward, Sam Altman.

Musk's latest legal theatrics involve a lawsuit accusing Altman of deviating from OpenAI's altruistic mission in favour of profit—a claim that OpenAI rebuffs, suggesting Musk was not averse to the idea of a profit-making entity under his control.

In a somewhat comical attempt to add credibility to his claims, Musk's X platform's Community Notes feature—his own creation—chimed in, contradicting his assertions by highlighting that Apple's AI initiatives are, in fact, self-generated and that users retain control over their data.

Musk’s moves are silly, but at the same time, we support any company that bans Apple gear on principle – we guess that even means Musk is doing it.

Last modified on 12 June 2024
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