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AMD investigates Intelbroker hack

by on19 June 2024

Despite the name it is nothing to do with Chipzilla

AMD announced that it is investigating allegations that its data was pilfered in a cyberattack by a group known as "Intelbroker".

The purported breach, which is said to have occurred in June 2024, apparently led to the theft of a substantial quantity of sensitive data, encompassing a range of categories.

In a recent disclosure on Breach Forums, IntelBroker elaborated on the scope of the compromised data.

The hacker alleges to have obtained information pertaining to the following records: ROMs, Firmware, Source code, Property files, Employee databases, Customer databases, Financial information, Plans for future AMD products, and Technical specification sheets.

The hacker is marketing the data solely in exchange for XMR (Monero) cryptocurrency and is open to using an intermediary for transactions. Potential purchasers are encouraged to contact him to discuss their bids.

IntelBroker's notoriety within the cybersecurity community is notably troubling, considering the magnitude and delicate nature of the entities targeted in past infiltrations.

The hacker's previous incursions include breaches at Europol, Tech in Asia, Space-Eyes, Home Depot, Facebook Marketplace, US contractor Acuity, employment agency Robert Half, Los Angeles International Airport, and purported breaches at HSBC and Barclays Bank.

While the hacker's origins and connections remain undisclosed, the United States government alleges that IntelBroker was responsible for one of the T-Mobile data breaches.

Last modified on 19 June 2024
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