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Apple delays significant AI launch

by on10 July 2024

Significant Apple Intelligence-based products will be next year

While the Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog that Jobs’ Mob’s AI is the best and all others smell of Nintendo, the fruity cargo cult is yet to get a product to market. Now, it looks like it will be even later than expected.

Last month, Apple finally decided to join the AI bandwagon so late that it might as well not have bothered showing up with its grand plan to integrate generative AI into its devices.

Dubbed Apple Intelligence it is set to launch this autumn alongside the iPhone 16 series, officially

However, the most "exciting" aspect of Apple Intelligence was its supposed potential to revolutionise Siri, making it a more intuitive and capable interface. However, don't hold your breath for these eagerly awaited upgrades to Siri on your iPhones this autumn.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s significant Siri upgrade will only roll out by next spring.

Gurman went on to explain that Siri’s upgraded features, which Apple showed off at WWDC – like unprecedented control over actions within Apple’s apps, the ability to perform complex tasks across apps (such as editing a photo and sending it to a friend), and the ability to anticipate and suggest actions based on the on-screen content – will not be ready for the initial launch of Apple Intelligence this autumn.

According to Gurman’s sources, these enhanced Siri features are expected to enter beta testing for developers in January, with a public debut planned around springtime as part of an iOS 18.4 upgrade.

Some minor Siri enhancements, including the redesigned interface and ChatGPT integration, are scheduled to arrive later this year, possibly as part of the first public iOS 18 build itself.

In short, Apple Intelligence is not running yet and might yet go the way of the Apple Car or be delayed so long it makes Duke Nukem look quick.

However, while Apple struggles to get a product to market, Gurman does his best to talk up all the beautiful things Apple will do if it arrives.

He said that next year, the company plans to integrate Apple Intelligence into the Vision Pro headset. According to Gurman, another interesting tidbit from the newsletter was the mention of an AI-powered tiny Apple robot, a project that has been developing for several months.

If Jobs’ Mob can't get AI features into Siri, it makes the current AI capabilities offered by Google and Samsung look much better.

Last modified on 10 July 2024
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