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Next gen netbooks support 12.1-inch

by on27 March 2012

Stylish, Fanless, thin and light

It looks like MeeGo will go and meet its ancestors very soon at least when you ask Intel. Intel’s latest netbook plans have less room for MeeGo since Nokia’s departure. Intel shows some love for new OS called Tizen based on MeeGo as well as Windows 7 and 8. They don’t leave Chrome out, either. They want to support it if anybody wants it.

Intel’s vision for new netbooks is that they can coexist in the 7- to 12.1-inch space, they should bet slick, very thin and some of them even fanless. Intel also allows new form factors, sliders and convertible designs, where you can flip your screen off and transform it into a tablet, albeit a pretty bulky one.

Intel is also telling its partners that their next generation netbooks should get stylish to attract more users and some features like Blu-ray 2.0 support, full HD 1080p support, PCsync, Intel Widi for netbook, wireless music support, smart connect as well as rapid start will be used to lure the new users to get some of these new devices.

Intel also has its App store as a way of getting software a bit easier, and all this comes under Windows 7 and later as a part of Windows 8.

Pricing guidelines allow these new netbook to sell between $199 to $399, so we are looking at a good $100 price hike on high-end models compared to previous generations. Let’s if all this helps netbooks regain some ground against tablets. We wouldn’t bet on it.

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