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New iPad 4G not a hot sell in Austria

by on27 March 2012

WiFi sold out

The iPad 3, or the new iPad as Apple likes to call it might be a hot seller, but only partially. We looked closely one of the Austria’s biggest retail and etail computer chain and were surprised to find that only WiFi version was completely sold out.

You can still find plenty of 4G new iPads in stock at this place, and they currently have more than a 100 pieces when you combine all the shops. We tried to find the cheapest €479 version in stores in Vienna and online stores across the country, but we failed to find a single one available, both black and white 16GB WiFi version are completely sold out. You can find them listed here.

It looks like people are not so keen to spend €599 for the 16GB version with 4G that by the way doesn’t support any of the country’s 4G networks, but it will work as a decent 3G device on all of them. Orange is offering 3G versions for €199 and twenty four months of €29 for 3G connection and 15GB download and we asked around and you can buy one even today in a few stores. It sold out online as of today.

It almost looks like Apple is pushing more expensive devices and holding back the cheaper versions in order to make more money, or this is simply just one big coincidence. In Austria, and much of Europe for that matter, people prefer sub-€500 devices and not a cent more for non-functioning 4G support and beautiful display. 

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