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Asus Teases new Transformer

by on28 May 2013

Tegra 4 based, coming at Computex

Asus is teasing something new, coming at Computex 2013 that starts June 4th or next Tuesday in Taipei, Republic of China (unofficially known as Taiwan) and it’s no surprise that the company plans to release some new notebooks and tablets at the show.

There will be some notebook designs with Haswell under the bonnet, but as expected the Transformer Infinity tablet gets its successor based on Tegra 4. As you can imagine this dockable tablet gets much faster than rather good Transformer infinity and full HD resolution is something that won't surprise you.
It will be interesting to see Haswell and Tegra 4 devices shipping as we expect most of them to show in Q3 2013 or as of July onwards.

Dual-core U-series Haswell was always scheduled for Q3 2013 while the quad core Haswell for notebooks comes already in June. Tegra 4 starts shipping with Shield and the earliest we expect to see them available would be July, but with the VP of investor relations presenting at the Barclay’s technology conference said the launch date is August, so we kind of have to trust that.

The Tegra 4 delay almost makes this chip looks like NV30, a product that comes so late that it won't have more than two quarters to live before the next big thing.

The Asus Google+ tease is here.

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