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White Nexus 7 launched, available in US, UK

by on11 December 2013

Plastic ebony and rubber ivory

Google has quietly introduced a white version of the Nexus 7 and the tablet is already available in the US, UK and Japan, via Google Play Store.

So far it is only available as a 32GB WiFi only model, no LTE, no cheap 16GB option. This is somewhat disappointing, but we can only hope that other SKUs will get the white option as well. The white version will be priced the same as the old black model, $269 in the Land of the Free.

Oddly enough, Google never released a white version of the first-gen Nexus 7, despite the fact that it handed out hundreds of white units to journalists covering the launch event.

There were a few technical issues, as some journos later reported that the white, rubberized back is a magnet for all sorts of dirt and discolorations – and that it can’t be cleaned easily. Hopefully the new version will be free of these teething problems.

We must admit that it looks quite nice and Google should have no trouble selling a million or two.


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