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Apple fanboy forces poor to buy iPad

by on24 July 2017

Support the cargo cult or no education

Chinese authorities and parents stepped in after an Apple fanboy, who happened to be a headmaster, refused to provide an education to children unless they bought an over-priced tablet from his favourite company.

The school in northern China was slammed after it enforced a rule which insisted that each kid must have an iPad. Note, the rule did not say the children needed a tablet, they specifically needed the most expensive tablet on the market and it had to have an Apple logo on the back.

According to the China Economic Daily, the Danfeng High School in Shaanxi province recently issued a notice saying that, "as part of a teaching requirement, students are required to bring their own iPad" when they start the new school year in September.

Staff told the paper that using an iPad would "improve classroom efficiency", and that the school would manage an internet firewall, so that parents would not have to worry about students using the device for other means.

Headmaster Yao Hushan, like most Apple fanboys, refused to accept that there were better cheaper tablets out there which his poor students didn’t have to sell a kidney to own. Most other tablets would even play nicer with the school’s networks and be more secure.

The China Economic Daily said that parental fury and a nudge from the education authorities finally got through to Hushan that not everyone could afford an expensive US toy computer.

Hushan finally said that having an iPad was no longer a mandatory requirement. Mr Yao added that children who don't have a device could still enrol, but that he recommended students bring an iPad as part of a "process of promoting the digital classroom".

So he did not really learn much from the experience. Like most brainwashed Apple fanboys, he did not understand that he could have his digital cake and eat it if only he ditched his obsession with owning overpriced Apple gear.

The incident led to lively discussion on the Sina Weibo social media platform. "Those parents that can't afford one will have to sell a kidney!" one user quipped.

Apple fanboys rallied to his cause pointing out that it was good for education to have an iPad, but it just did not need to be the latest model – or indeed an iPad.

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