Nvidia GTC Keynote set for May 14
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Sunday, 26 April 2020 10:30

Nvidia GTC Keynote set for May 14

Get Amped 

Roughly two months after the original GTC 2020 schedule, Nvidia is ready to host the GTC 2020 spring keynote. The choice of words "Get Amped” in the press release gives you an idea that 7nm Ampere might get released at that time.  

Nvidia gets it right with Geforce Now
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Thursday, 06 February 2020 22:23

Nvidia gets it right with Geforce Now

$4.99 for founders, free for an hour a session

Google launched the Stadia cloud gaming service in late November 2019, and it crashed and burned. Without going into too many details, it didn’t deliver what people had hoped and didn't let you play your games. Nvidia Geforce Now is now available for free to everyone, hour session at a time, while the Founder Edition costs $4.99, and offers priority and unlimited gaming. Most importantly, you can play most of the games you own.

Nvidia GTC 19 Keynote failed to impress
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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 13:39

Nvidia GTC 19 Keynote failed to impress

AI is the elephant in the room

First of all, I want to apologise to all the hard-working people that worked so many hours on the production and material of the keynote, this is not about you. Everyone did a great job, but the content picked was mostly just utterly boring.

Geforce RTX Turing to rule the high end in 2019
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AMD cannot challenge this

It will be extremely hard and almost impossible for AMD to stay relevant in performance and high end gaming. With the introduction of Geforce Turing based 20 series RTX cards, Nvidia is putting in place a hard to reach distance between AMD Radeon graphics and Geforce. When we say Nvidia will rule high end in 2019, we of course mean the rest of 2018 too.

Nvidia Geforce Gaming Celebration event starts today
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#BeForTheGame will be streamed live on Twitch

As you already know, Nvidia will be holding the big Geforce Gaming Celebration event ahead of Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany, and it will be streamed live on Twitch.

Nvidia starts sending invites for Gamescom 2018
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Date still not carved in stone

According to the latest rumor, Nvidia has started to send out invites for an event that will take place at the Gamescom show in August, and while no date, Geforce or any other hardware was mentioned, this will be the most likely place that Nvidia will launch its new graphics card.

No new Geforce announcement coming "very soon"
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According to CEO Jensen Huang

It appears that there won't be any new graphics card announcement from Nvidia anytime soon, at least according to what Jensen Huang told members of the press at the press conference held ahead of the Computex 2018 show.

Jensen thinks Quantum is the future
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Friday, 06 April 2018 13:59

Jensen thinks Quantum is the future

Exclusive:  Will be important

Last week at the GTC we saw Jen Hsung Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia walking by, and of course, we had to ask him a question. The single thing I wanted to ask was his opinion about Quantum computing.

Nvidia CEO coming to CES 2017 with big announcements
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Jen-Hsun Huang to talk about AI, self-driving cars, VR and gaming

Nvidia has announced that its co-founder and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, will be live on the stage for a pre-show keynote address at CES 2017, talking about some of the areas the company is focused on, like artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, virtual reality, and gaming.

Friday, 18 October 2013 16:22

Nvidia showcases Gamestream

Netflix experience for games