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Intel's highest end Sandy Bridge E board is Siler

by on26 May 2011

OC, CF, SLI and 8 DIMM slots
Intel's X79 and Sandy Bridge E are meant to live as a workstation products, but as life sometimes tends to be unfair to both products and people, these workstation parts will have to dress up as desktop drag queens until the end of their existence.

They won’t be cheap either, as whenever Intel uses extreme prefix, it ends up quite expensive, sometimes even over $999 for a CPU. With that in mind, the new DX709SI board also codenamed as Siler will finally replace the venerable X58 platform.

Currently highest end board selling is DX58SO2 and this one is set to get replaced by Siler. Siler is a native DDR3 motherboard with USB 3.0 support and Dual LAN, if these are the features that can excite anyone these days. The more fun part is that the board supports Overclocking and it’s made with that in mind.

It also supports 2x 16 PCIe graphics slots and you will be able to use booth Crossfire and SLI, whatever makes you feel better.
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