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Xilinx has majority of LiDAR market

by on08 May 2018

Essential for Level 4 / 5 self driving

Xilinx is not a name that you associate that much with the automotive industry, but these guys actually play in most of the self driving and other automotive markets.

The company has a solution for full display mirror, driver monitor system, auto trailer hitch, mono front camera module, stereo front camera module, LiDAR, Radar, heads up display, EV car charger and surround view. These are some of the examples where the company has direct wins with car manufacturers.

LiDAR sensors multiple designs

LiDAR is a detection system that uses the principle of radar, but instead of radio waves, it uses much more reliable light. LiDAR is more precise than radar and it can result in a very detailed map of the vehicle surroundings. People close to the matter have confirmed to Fudzilla that Xilinx has the majority of the market share in LiDAR systems. We cound not get exact numbers but the fact that it dominates this market is a great win for the automotive wing of  Xilinx.

It is hard to imagine that there could be Level 5 or even Level 4 self driving vehicle without LiDAR. This is why Xilinx - as a market leader - will gain a lot of business directly affecting the positive financial streams.

Both tier one and start ups use Xilinx LiDAR solution

Xilinx has multiple design wins with both tier one manufacturers as well as start ups. This is a great position to be in. It has most market share, and obviously the market thinks it has the best solution.

One of the market leaders Velodyne, has design wins with Volvo, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Tencent, Dji (drones), BaiDu, TomTom, Here, Bing and SAIC Motor - and those are the only public names for now. Velodyne VLP-16 Puck has been reportedly selling for $4,000, a 50 percent price reduction from the original price. We are not saying that Xilinx is in Velodyne as this has not been confirmed to us by the company. 

LiDAR is a very expensive part of the self driving solution but it seams that you will need LiDAR to make a Level 4 /Level 5 self driving car. Prices will go down and more and more as cars  get to Level 4/5. Of course this is still a few years from now, but the fleets of hail outfits - Uber, Lift and Co -will definitely need some LiDAR for their fleets.

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