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Hybrid drones open new opportunities for farmers

by on14 July 2020

HYBRiX comes up with method of making things more efficient

Drone spraying has been widely used in Southeast Asian countries such as China and Japan with great results. Now the trend is spreading to the US and Europe too.

However, the downside is that flight endurance is pretty pants. Traditional spraying drones are not capable of flying more than 15 minutes for spraying works. Electric solutions make operators waste multiple hours waiting for batteries to cool down, charging and replacing them. All this logistics produce extra costs.

HYBRiX designers have produced a drone which can work for an hour and carrying 10L of liquid.  

The HYBRiX drone is flown 2-10 meters above the crop with its four rotors creating a specific turbulence in the air that helps distribute the liquid uniformly. The four nozzles are positioned in such a way that they allow a better coverage of the applied products, reaching hidden layers of the crop.

The company said that it is still too soon to come to a conclusion on the potential of drone spraying at large scale, but they are already showing unique advantages over manned aircrafts and ground spraying equipment and their usages is expected to be increasing all over the world in the upcoming years.

HYBRiX has been backed by the European Commission through its innovation programme Horizon 2020, which fosters disruptive projects in innovation, science and industrial leadership.

Last modified on 14 July 2020
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