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Tame Apple Press finally admits Apple car is going to be disappointing

by on12 December 2022

If it ever happens

The Tame Apple Press has been insisting for years that Apple is going to make a car, with the latest date being suggested as 2026.  But now it seems that it has to front up to the fact that the car might just be expensive and disappointing.

Most of the stories about the Apple car built it up to being a self-driving supercar which will be a flagship for the brand. Unfortunately, Apple has been unable to find a car manufacturer that was prepared to work under the same conditions as the maker of its smartphones and other bits and there have been no rumours suggesting how Jobs’ Mob is ever going to overcome this issue.

Now it seems that AppleInsider believes the car will arrive in 2026 but admits that it might not be as fancy as Apple fanboys expect. Particularly for the $100,000 price tag. The reason is that it has to integrate most of Apple's current technology for it to be a success.

The car will be based on Siri, Apple’s increasingly out-of-date assistant. Macrumours insists that there are no good voice assistants in cars in 2022.  But there are no guarantees the Siri in a car will be that great or fulfill that role well.

Apple has already shown off its plans for CarPlay. In the demo, the feature extended beyond the infotainment unit and stretched across the dashboard screens. It even replaced all the gauges. Apple claims to have designed this product for itself, but it has indicated that other manufacturers can adopt it and fit it to their needs. However, there are no indications that other manufacturers want CarPlay in their cars or will cheerfully hand over the huge amount of cash that Apple is likely to demand it.

Then there is the design problems. Apple’s Project Titan has been vapourware for so long that its designs will look rather jaded, even if it makes the project deadlines. Apple’s car designers might find that works on an appliance may not work as well on a car.

While unlocking your car with a phone gives the Tame Apple Press something to get moist about, it is not really something you think will be your number one reason to buy a car – particularly if you have to shell out $100,000 for it.

Then there is the small matter of Apple Maps, which the Tame Apple Press is convinced is now brilliant and should be “displayed proudly on a large screen in a car.”  While there is no doubt that Apple Maps has improved since it was the comedy application on a smartphone, Google maps is still better.

But the biggest letdown for the Apple car was that Project Titan was supposed to be self-driving. Apple was so confident that it was rumoured to have been designed without a steering wheel. It turns out that even Apple admits that this is impossible and it will just be the same as Tesla and similar autonomous driving while on the highways.

All this has lead the Tame Apple Press to be disappointed even if AppleInsider actually believes that it is unnecessary for Apple to be successful in the car industry.

“Frankly, we don't think that piece of the puzzle is completely necessary to wow consumers.”

We don’t know who Frank Lee is, but if he is wowed by a $100,000 car with no killer app or reason to buy it, then there is no saving him.”


Last modified on 12 December 2022
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