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General Motors dumps Apple Carplay

by on17 April 2023

Tame Apple press goes into meltdown

The Tame Apple Press has been calling on its readers to boycott General Motors cars after the outfit dumped Apple Play or Android Auto as its in-car entertainment system.

General Motors said it will gradually shift to a built-in infotainment system that uses Google's Android Automotive platform but customises it for GM's future EVs, starting with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV that goes on sale this summer starting at $44,995.

But what is amusing is how the Tame Apple Press took the news. USA Today even implying that the move could allow GM to spy on users.

GM's Chief Digital Officer Edward Kummer said a built-in infotainment system will help GM optimize the routing and charging experience for EV customers. For example, GM can account for the temperature of the vehicle’s battery when routing to a charging station and get the battery ready for charging before a customer arrives at that station. This would maximise range and minimise charging time.

“As we scale our EVs and launch our Ultifi software platform, we can do more than ever before with in-vehicle technologies and over-the-air updates. All of this allows us to constantly improve the customer experience we can offer across our brands.”

GM customers with Apple and Android smartphones will still be able to access hands-free calling, hands-free voice texting and streaming music through Bluetooth so it is hard to see what TAPs is so hacked off about, unless it is responding to Jobs’ Mob’s inconsiderable wrath at losing a lucrative contract. Indeed what this seems to be about is that car companies will build their own walled gardens which will shut Apple out.  This means that money from software revenue which would have gained Apple a cut will go straight to GM and its partners.

Detroit Free Press scoured the city to find Apple fanboys who were so angry about the move that the were going buy a car that guaranteed ApplePlay and found one who was so furious he was going to buy a Mustang instead (as you do). 

A commitment to iPhone technology is important to car buyers, Detroit Free Press insisted. It quoted one fanboy who clearly had more money than sense:

"We’re an Apple family as far as computers. Both of our cars work with CarPlay. The navigation is there, all the contacts for our phone are there, so if CarPlay is not an option, we’re going to go elsewhere."

It is a wonder he can see the road with a perspective like that. Besides, if he is using Apple Maps, he almost certainly will be going elsewhere.

Tech writer Walt Mossberg who has been promoting Apple products for decades wrote on his LinkedIn professional page that "Everybody hates GM's decision to kill Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its EVs."

Not everyone Walt, most of us don't care. 


Last modified on 17 April 2023
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