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General Motors explains why it ditched Apple Carplay

by on14 December 2023

Safety reasons -- Apple users are idiots

General Motors has cited safety as the reason it decided to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and move to built-in infotainment systems developed with Google.

GM's head of product for infotainment Tim Babbitt told the gathered throngs at a press event for the new Chevrolet Blazer EV, the flagship vehicle in the no CarPlay or Android Auto strategy that there was concern about driver distraction caused by mobile phone usage behind the wheel.

He said Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have stability issues that manifest as bad connections, poor rendering, slow responses, and dropped connections.

This pants performance was leading CarPlay and Android Auto to pick up their phones again, taking their eyes off the road and defeating the purpose of these phone-mirroring programmes.

Babbitt's idea is that if drivers were to do everything through the vehicle's built-in systems, they'd be less likely to pick up their phones and, less distracted and safer behind the wheel. The Tame Apple Press is furious at the suggestion claiming that the idea has not been proven and that no one would ever take their eyes off a nice shiny Apple screen.

After some of these stories hit the presses GM felt the need to reinforce its valued partnerships with Apple and Google and each company's commitment to driver safety.

“GM's embedded infotainment strategy is driven by the benefits of having a system that allows for greater integration with the larger GM ecosystem and vehicles," the company said.


Last modified on 14 December 2023
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