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Gamer wants to get to level 70 without killing

by on27 August 2010

Pacifist in a shoot-em-up
A bloke who has made a name for himself playing violent games without actually killing anyone wants to get to the top of Modern Warfare 2 without a casualty.

Glen McCracken wants to hit level 70 in the game, by securing flags in Domination, Demolition and Team Deathmatch as well. He is currently level 11, with 272 deaths and zero kills.

Apparently McCracken started out using riot shields and flash grenades, but discovered that those have the potential to kill another player. Now he does not carry any weapons at all.

Talking to Game Informer McCracken said that he had hit Prestige five times. He also thought it would be something interesting. Trying to get through the game without killing someone gives you a different perspective on the game, and it's fun and challenging.

We are not sure if his fellow gamers in a Deathmatch would be so keen to have him on their side, but if he gets to level 70 with no-kills it will be a gaming triumph.

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