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Duke to get rebooted again

by on23 August 2011

Gearbox to start it after Aliens title finishes
Despite all of the negative reviews and talk about Duke Nukem Forever that developer Gearbox ended up working to finish, it looks like we have not seen the last of Duke. Whispers seem to indicate that once Gearbox is finished with Aliens: Colonial Marines, they will be working on a new Duke Nukem reboot.

The new title will be coming with the Duke Begins project that the studio was already working on when they took over the development of Duke Nukem Forever and finished it after fifteen years of development. This is believed to be part of an agreement Gearbox was able to obtain, which makes the studio the owner of the Duke Nukem IP going forward.

No word is confirmed when the title will be slated to be released or on which platforms the new title will appear. If those claiming to be in the know are accurate, we will likely see an announcement at some point next year, which will provide more information on what Gearbox’s plans are for the new reboot of the franchise.

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