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Sony to get Battlefield 3 DLC on PS3 first

by on23 September 2011

Only a one week advantage over the 360
Sony has been able to get a deal done that will see full expansion packs for Battlefield 3 come to the PlayStation 3 first. The period of exclusivity for the PlayStation 3 will be only a week, however. The first exclusive will be Back to Karkand when it is released as DLC later this year.

The Back to Karkand map is modeled and designed as a tribute to one of the most popular, if not the most popular, map for Battlefield 2. Back to Karkand has gotten a total Frostbite 2 make over that makes it quite fresh.

The Back to Karkand DLC package will include 4 new maps, and one of them is said to be the ever popular Wake Island. The DLC will offer additional weapons and vehicles, of course. It will also offer new trophies, achievements, and in-game dog tags to obtain.  For those that pre-ordered or are able to land their hands on the Limited Edition copy of the game, it will come free with the Back to Karkand expansion pack right in the box.

As we told you yesterday, the Beta featuring the Operation Meta map will start on September 29th and run until October 10th. From what we understand, this exclusivity will only apply to the console version game. It is currently unknown how EA and DICE plan to handle DLC for the PC version of BF3.

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