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GameStop to note used titles with online pass

by on11 April 2012

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Court ruling will change the way used titles are sold

A court ruling could forever change the way that GameStop sells used titles. At least in California GameStop will have to warn customers about used titles they have for sale that will require users to buy an online pass to access some features within the game.

At least for the next two years, the retailer will have to place signs on used game shelves warning customers that they will be required to make an additional purchase of an online pass to access some features when buying certain used titles.

The class action lawsuit alleged that GameStop was misleading customers about the true cost of purchasing titles that included an online pass when the title was new. The ruling is expected to affect the price that GameStop is able to charge for used titles, and put an end to the practice of the company’s sale of used titles that included an online pass for $5 less than the cost of a new title.

GameStop customers that are enrolled in the company’s rewards program in California will be able to claim a $10 check and $5 coupon as compensation. Those in California that are not in the company’s rewards program can claim a $5 check and a $10 coupon.

With this victory under its belt, the law firm of Baron & Budd is contemplating bringing similar actions against GameStop in other states, according to sources.

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