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2600 Star Castles project seeks funding

by on27 April 2012

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Fund the game that should have been

Back in 1981, D. Scott Warshaw left his programming job for an adventure in video game programming at Atari. When he arrived at Atari his first project was to create a version of the vector coin-op game, Star Castles, for the Atari 2600. While this was no small task, Warshaw believed at the time that a decent version could not be done, and that any conversion for the 2600 would simply suck.

Instead, he reorganized the game play elements from Star Castles into a new game for the 2600 called Yars’ Revenge, which was one of the most successful original content Atari 2600 games of all time. Still, even after Yars’ Revenge, Warshaw continued to think that a Star Castles conversion that would do the game justice on the 2600 was at least possible.

After working on the project for years, Warshaw was finally able to achieve the creation of an 8K version of Star Castles for the Atari 2600 that was a faithful reproduction experience to the coin-op version of the game.

Now, those 2600 fans get a chance to buy a game that should have been. Warshaw is making available the chance to fund the full cartridge release of the 2600 version Star Castles, complete with a lighted clear cartridge, box, and instruction manual. Just like the 2600 games were delivered in the old days. Other funding levels include a number of perks that you can obtain for funding the project at a higher level.

Read more about the Star Castles 2600 game on Kickstarter here. See the actual game and his video promotion trailer here.

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