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Mac to get Borderlands 2

by on09 November 2012


Look for it starting on November 20th

The Mac is the next platform to be getting Borderlands 2. The Gearbox-developed sequel which has already shipped over 5 million copies will be expanding its reach to the Mac with developer Aspyr handling the conversion of the title to the Mac OS X platform. Aspyr is well known for its Mac conversions, and is the logical choice to handle the porting of Borderlands 2 for Mac gamers.

The Mac version will offer the same drop-in/drop-out features that we have seen in other versions of Borderlands 2, and Mac gamers will be happy to know this. According to sources, the Mac version will feature pretty much everything that we saw in the Windows version, so it should be popular with Mac gamers once it arrives. Speaking of the arrival of the Mac version, it isn’t that far off, with November 20th said to be targeted for the release of the Mac version.

With the arrival of the Mac version of Borderlands 2, one can only wonder which platform might get Borderlands 2 next.  If you are thinking the Wii U, you might be right, but only Gearbox knows, as it has not issued any official announcement about a Wii U port; but we doubt that will stop Nintendo fans from wanting it. It would not surprise us though, if we see it on the Wii U at some point early next year.

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