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Battlefield 4 comes at midnight, October 31 in EU

by on29 October 2013

Digital 24.4GB preloading has started

Battlefield 4 is definitely going to be remembered as one of the hottest game to expect this holiday season and lovers of the genre will definitely enjoy the eye-candy filled graphics.

Our readers based in the EU have gotten the word that the preloading has started and you can preload this 24.4GB large game. This is a lot of SSD space, but at least we can say that it looks awesome.

The game will unlock for play on the midnight of October 31, which is effectively 30th of October in most of the US. That is one nice Halloween gift.

Depending on your internet speed it might take a while for this heavy download, but luckily many major cities in the European Union have connections of 50 to 150Mbits and in many cases people won't need more than an hour to download this game.

Owners of AMD’s Radeon R9 290X Battlefield 4 edition will be thrilled to learn that they should be able to preload this game as well, and since they only paid a fraction for it compared to the full retail price, they got themselves a good deal.


Last modified on 29 October 2013
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