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Russian government calls for EA’s Fifa 17 video game banned

by on07 December 2016

Homosexuals do not play football 

The Parliament of Tsar Putin has called for the EA’s Fifa 17 game banned claiming that it is spreading 'gay propaganda' that some players are not heterosexual.

Apparently the issue is developer EA Sports’ support for Rainbow Laces, a Stonewall campaign tackling homophobia in football through challenging homophobic language and supporting LGBT fans and players in the sport.

A few weeks ago, players could even download rainbow uniforms for use in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

The Russian MPs in question want EA to either remove all this “offensive” gay code, or face consequences involving either a higher age rating or restrictions on the game’s distribution in Russia. EA has been doing well in Russia and nets about a $1 billion so it might have to listen.

Russian MPs like calling for video games to be banned. They had a pop over Pokémon Go, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Company of Heroes 2 and assorted shooter games, which have provoked panic over players shooting people in real life. There has not been a ban yet, mostly because the publishers have censored the games.

Odd that the the Russian parliamnet finds Fifa 17 upsetting because of homosexuals, yet they don't find it bad because it is based around a corrupt organisation which awarded Russia the 2018 FIFA World Cup amid allegations of bribery to its officials from Russian oligarchs.

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