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PS5 pre-orders began a day early

by on17 September 2020

And everything has gone to pot

Pre-orders for the PS5 have already begun early and the whole system has become a total mess.

Gamers across the world racing to get their pre-orders encountered all sorts of rubbish including broken links, site time outs, and “out of stock” messages.

The pre-order turned into chaos. Some called or walked into their local GameStop to secure a preorder a day early, or lucked out with one of Walmart’s listings for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.

GameStop issued a press release advertising availability of the PS5 online, even though at the time, it didn’t actually have a product page where you could buy one.

Product pages are up at Target (PS5, PS5 Digital) and Best Buy (PS5, PS5 Digital) too. GameStop’s product listings (PS5, PS5 Digital) are up too.

Even if you get through to one of these store listings are flickering in and out of stock and erroring out of adding items to your basket.

Target says it’s already completely out of pre-orders and Walmart is already cancelling some successful pre-orders as well.

Even if you manage to get one, there’s no guarantee it will arrive on launch day some retailers are listing delivery dates so far in the future you need Tarot cards to see them.

Amazon also didn’t wait in the US: it opened up its own pre-orders shortly before midnight ET, and appears to have sold out of both versions before the clock struck twelve.

Sony had warned that it might be challenging to pre-purchase a PS5 due to high demand and low supply, but Sony also promised it would give gamers “plenty of advance notice” about when preorders would begin. It seems that retailers nixed cunning plan.

Sony CEO Jim Ryan claimed that more PS5 units will be available than PS4s were when they initially launched in 2013, and also denied a recent report from Bloomberg that stated Sony had been forced to cut back PS5 production by 4 million units

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