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130 countries getting Netflix

by on13 January 2016

4K for nearly everyone

One of the most important developments at CES was Netflix's announcement that it was deploying to 130 countries.

Of course China was off the list, but China moves in its own mysterious ways when it comes to rules and perception of copyright or any other digital rights.

All the sudden the market for 4K expanded and the need for 4K capable devices will probably multiple in 2016. Another good news is that Netflix supports a neat feature called HDR. This abbreviation might be known to gamers among you and it helps you get better picture with High Dynamic Range.

Netflix has quite a few series in 4K 3840x2160 resolution that some also call Ultra HD. Deployment of Netflix to additional 130 countries will make the HDR much more important too. Companies like MediaTek have the Quad cores MTK 5596 with four A53 and T860 M2 GPU ready to process this content.

There will still be a lot of confusion too as Samsung, LG and Panasonic think that Ultra HD Premium is the right brand for 4K with HDR support. Sony will on the other hand put a HDR sticker on a TV and be done with it. All of 2015 4K sets support 4K HDR via Android TV OS update and even the Android 6.0 is down the pipe.

This promises to be an interesting 2016 in the digital 4K HDR world.

Last modified on 13 January 2016
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