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AMD writes a cheque for gaming software specialist HiAlgo

by on30 June 2016

Improving framerates

In a sign of self-confidence, AMD has announced the acquisition of gaming software specialist HiAlgo

HiAlgo has three key technologies – Boost, Switch, and Chill. Boost reduces lag and improves the framerate of games. It also claims to optimise performance frame by frame' to dynamically scale the rendering resolution: during motion-heavy moments, the resolution is dropped to boost the framerate; during relatively calm moments, the resolution is increased to boost the visual quality of the scene.

Switch gives manual control over the HiAlgo Boost system and provides a 50 per cent resolution rendering mode. However all overlays - including in-game menus and head-up displays remain at full resolution.

Chill  is aimed at mobile gamers and modifies the framerate using the same principles as Boost. High-motion scenes get a high framerate, while low-motion scenes get a lower framerate. This, the company claims, results in lower power draw and heat output from both the CPU and GPU.

Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect of the Radeon Technologies Group at AMD said:

'Software is an integral part of advancing the science of graphics, enabling us to best harness the silicon of the GPU to maximise performance and deliver outstanding experiences in games and applications. HiAlgo embodies our spirit of passion, persistence and play by delivering a number of creative approaches to software that improve gamers' experiences, and helps future-proof the GPU.'

AMD has hinted that it plans to integrate Boost, Switch, and Chill technologies into its Radeon Software bundle in the future. Before it does that it has to upgrade the technology which currently only runs on selected DirectX 9 titles.

No one is saying how much AMD paid for the outfit.


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