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Nvidia Ampere is the next generation

by on06 April 2018

The one after 2018 Turing

Fudzilla wants to make something clear. Ampere is not a mining GPU, it is not a gaming, and it is not an AI-focused Tensor Core GPU, it is all of the above, and comes after Turing 2018 GPU.

Nvidia will launch a GPU that everyone calls Turing this year for both AI and gaming applications. That GPU will appear before the end of the year, and most likely at some point in Q3 2018. Nvidia wants to be ready for the back to school market and this timeframe is what we repeatedly heard from a few independent sources.

Of course, Turing will be fast, it will do gaming much better and it will perform Ray Tracing better than anything before. There is a space for optimization compared to the Pascal, which is pretty much the only real gaming-oriented GPU available from Nvidia. The Volta compute card for $2000 is Nvidia’s way to try to milk even more money from the super crazy enthusiasts and should not be counted as a gaming GPU. If you want to go really crazy, you can always go for Nvidia Quadro GV1000, Volta-based graphics card for $8,999.

Ampere is the future

Ampere is also in the works, but according to our chatty sources, who wish to remain secretive, this one comes in the future. It is hard to say when, as this depends on many factors and mainly on AMD’s ability to compete with the high end GPU.

If I was a betting man, I would not bet on the competition's great success, but that is another story altogether.

One has to factor in the situation that GPU vendors are facing, and that is the crypto-mining craze, fueled by the fact that Ethereum can be mined well on GPUs. Since Ethereum's value fell from $1200ish to $370ish in the last three months, it could be that the craze is over. Still, it is not over until the fat lady sings and some people will make more money and some people will lose more on the very volatile crypto-currency gambling.

Before we are asked about our source, we are the source. This is an example of investigative journalism, and we keep our sources confidential.


Last modified on 06 April 2018
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