Nvidia could bring RTX 30 Super series in January 2022
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Lovelace RTX 40-series comes in Q4 2022

According to the latest rumors, Nvidia might be bringing RTX 30 Super SKUs early next year, lining it up with CES 2022 in January, while Q4 2022, or October, might be the timeframe for RTX 40-series based on Lovelace architecture.

Nvidia DLSS and Raytracing comes to eight new games
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DOOM Eternal looks impressive

Nvidia has announced that its DLSS and Raytracing tech is coming to eight new games, pushing the number of RTX titles to over 130.

Nvidia Founders Edition cards won't be getting the LHR treatment
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LHR series reserved for Nvidia AIC partners

Nvidia has confirmed that it won't be making LHR versions of its RTX 30 series Founders Edition as these are reserved for its AIC (add-in-card) partners.

Nvidia officially announces RTX 3050 Ti Mobile and RTX 3050 Mobile
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GA107 GPU to go with Intel's 11th gen Core Tiger Lake-H CPUs

Nvidia has officially announced a couple of new mobile Geforce RTX series graphics cards, the Geforce RTX 3050 Ti Mobile and the Geforce RTX 3050 Mobile. These two should go well with Intel's newest Tiger Lake-H mobile CPUs and some of the laptop makers have already started to pair them up.

Nvidia RTX card shortage expected throughout the year
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Nvidia's spokesperson just confirmed

Nvidia has addressed a few questions regarding its record Q4/FY2021 financial conference call mentioned in detail here, and gave some updates on the GPU shortage, and mentioned the mining card strategy.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition spotted
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Monday, 23 November 2020 09:27

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition spotted

Faster than RTX 2080 Super at $399

Although still not officially announced, the RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition has been spotted and pictured in full detail.

Nvidia postpones the Geforce RTX 3070 launch to October 29th
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High demand to blame

Nvidia has postponed the launch of its Geforce RTX 3070 to October 29th due to higher than expected demand, as the company wants a healthy stock when it hits retail/e-tail shelves.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti comes after RTX 3070
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Internal roadmaps point to the end of October

Although Nvidia has only officially confirmed three SKUs in the RTX 30 series, it appears that the mid-range RTX 3060 Ti might be also coming by the end of next month, featuring GA104 GPU with 4864 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

Nvidia pushes RTX 3080 review embargo to September 16th
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RTX 3070 launching on October 15th

Nvidia has informed members of the press that the RTX 3080 embargo date has been pushed back to September 16th, and confirmed that the RTX 3070 will be officially launching on October 15th.

Nvidia unveils the RTX 30 series lineup
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Tuesday, 01 September 2020 19:07

Nvidia unveils the RTX 30 series lineup

The BFGPU RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070

Nvidia has officially announced its RTX 30 series lineup, with three SKUs, the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and the RTX 3070. Calling it the 2nd generation RTX, all the cards are based on Nvidia Ampere architecture and built using Samsung's 8N custom process.