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K|NGP|N pushed the RTX 2080 Ti to over 2.4GHz on LN2

by on25 September 2018

Enough for 9,275 score in Time Spy Extreme

While most reviews have focused on the automated way to scan for the maximum stable overclock, Vince "K|NGP|N" Lucido was quite keen to pour some LN2 on the GTX 2080 Ti FE, pushing it to impressive 2,415MHZ for the GPU and 8,658MHz for the memory.

The graphics card in question was volt-modded in order to get fine-tuned and hit the clock of 2,415MHz at 1068mV, while the memory was working at anywhere between 8,560MHz (17,120MHz) to 8,658 (17,316MHz) depending on the 3DMark benchmark.

The overclocking was done on EVGA's X299 Dark motherboard, an LN2-cooled and overclocked Intel Core i9-7980XE CPU running at 5.5GHz, and 32GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 memory.

While the stock RTX 2080 Ti was hitting around 6,300 in UL's 3DMark Time Spy Extreme, around 8,200 in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, and around 15,500 in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme benchmarks, K|NGP|N's LN2-cooled and overclocked got 9,275 in TimeSpy Extreme, 11283 in Fire Strike Ultra, and 21,637 in Fire Strike Extreme, which is an impressive boost.

These results got K|NGP|N ahead on 3DMark Hall of Fame, breaking all single-GPU records, in both all Time Spy and all Fire Strike benchmarks.

We also suspect that this is not the end, as Vince might pull a few more MHz as he further tweaks the card and future custom versions might offer even better overclocking potential.

You can check out the scores over at UL's 3DMark Hall of Fame.

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