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Intel is not going to kill AMD and Nvidia graphics

by on06 August 2019

Raja Koduri was lost in translation

A Russian interview with Raja Koduri, senior vice president of architecture at Intel, where he claimed that Intel’s Xe graphics card could take on Nvidia and AMD with a  $200 price tag was a cock-up in the translation department.

It was a bit of a stretch of the imagination that Intel’s first discrete graphics card could severely undercut Nvidia and AMD’s flagship cards by hundreds of dollars, yet still, provide high-end performance with HBM (High-Bandwidth Memory). The cost of HBM would make it impossible to release a GPU at that price.

The interview on the PRO Hi-Tech YouTube channel has since been taken down. When the interview as released, Chipzilla rushed out a statement saying this was a mistranslation of the interview.

While the translation suggested that Intel was looking to release an Intel Xe graphics card at $200, what Koduri was saying is that mainstream cards in general start at $200.

In a statement, Intel clarified Koduri’s remarks: “Raja was making the point that not all users will buy a $500-$600 graphics card and that Intel strategy revolves around going for the full stack that ranges from Client to the Data Center. The $200 reference in the interview was an example of general entry pricing for Client dGPUs – and not a confirmation of Intel dGPU pricing.”

According to the translation Intel provided, Koduri suggests that Intel wants to release competitive GPUs for all budgets in “two to three years.”

Last modified on 06 August 2019
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