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Samsung releases high-end Micro LED and Mini LED TV lineup

by on04 March 2021

Out this month 

Samsung has announced imminent availability for its high-end Micro LED and Mini LED TV lineup. 

The mainstream high end, which comprises the Mini LED TVs, carries the proprietary "Neo QLED" label. The top-end QN900A is the 8K option, with 65-inch ($5,000), 75-inch ($7,000), and 85-inch options ($9,000). Still keeping 8K is the QN800A, offered in the same sizes but at $3,500, $4,700, and $6,500, respectively.

Since there is zero 8K content out there to enjoy, most people will want to opt for the 4K models. The flagship at its point is the QN90A, at 55 inches ($1,800), 65 inches ($2,600), 75 inches ($3,500), and 85 inches ($5,000). Next down is the QN85A, which comes in the same sizes at $1,600, $2,200, $3,000, and $4,500.

While most hype is centred on OLED, Samsung's LCD TVs remain the best selling TVs in many regions. Samsung doesn't even make OLED TVs, though it produces OLED panels for other products. And to potentially battle OLED in the long term, Samsung's cunning plan is to use its Micro LED technology, which matches OLED's chief advantage, which is that pixels of maximum brightness appear right next to pixels that are completely black. But Samsung claims the burn-in risk associated with OLED is not a factor in the same way with Micro LED.

Micro LED is said to combine the best of both worlds: perfect blacks with high peak brightness and all the granularity you can eat.


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