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Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards delayed

by on11 February 2022

Leak suggests that Nvidia’s Nemesis will be the middle of the year

Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards was expected to launch in early 2022, and give Nvidia’s higher-end desktop GPUs a run for their money, but leaks are suggesting that they will be a bit later.

According to Youtube leaker Moore’s Law is Dead Intel’s Alchemist launch timeframe won’t make the cut for the first quarter.

Alchemist cards, both laptop and desktop GPUs, have been pushed out to the second quarter, so we won’t see any product released until April at the earliest. There might be a paper launch in March, and we might see laptop cards arrive first in April. The latter mobile GPUs would be low-end models.

The high-end desktop graphics cards may not turn up until June.

Based on shipments of components as per the grapevine, Intel is shooting for having a load of graphics cards available for launch.

Chipzilla has been putting a big emphasis on the drivers to make sure they’re on a par with Nvidia. This means that with lots of stock levels, quality cards and drivers Intel could be actually capable of matching Nvidia product.

Low-end Alchemist GPUs are expected to ‘make a mockery’ of Nvidia’s entry-level pricing.


Last modified on 12 February 2022
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