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Intel hopes to solve Arc woes with driver update

by on31 January 2023

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Chipzilla has not had much luck with its Arc Alchemist graphics cards, but apparently, it is hoping that a forthcoming driver update might offer a sizeable enough performance gain to keep it in the game.

Intel's GPU series has been plagued by a number of incompatibilities and driver issues, and runs poorly on DirectX 9.

Apparently, Intel has tracked down the source of the performance bottleneck and fixed the issue and this will be the subject of a major driver update in the near future.

However, time might be running out for Intel Arc. Chipzilla’s recent earnings call did not exactly inspire confidence in the market, and the outfit will have to increase earnings in the year ahead or heads will roll.

Intel's discrete graphics unit has already been in the crosshairs as the company's considerable investment hasn't resulted in a major graphics card launch that could compete with the likes of AMD and Nvidia.

If the issue is with the software drivers rather than the hardware then Intel might keep Arc going. This is good news for users as both AMD and Nvidia seem to be thinking that expensive GPUs are the way forward.


Last modified on 31 January 2023
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