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LG develops 480Hz refresh rate monitor

by on05 January 2024

For gamers

LG says it developed a 27-inch OLED gaming monitor that can reach an incredibly high 480Hz refresh rate.

LG claims it has made a new tech that will start a new "era of OLEDs with super-fast refresh rates."

LG says it got the 480Hz rate on a QHD 2,560-by-1,440-picture display. Other sellers, like Alienware and Asus, have also shown PC screens that can hit 500Hz. But they did it using IPS or TN bits at a lower 1920-by-1080 picture. OLED parts are known for giving amazing colour and real blacks, making top picture quality.

The 480Hz refresh rate will be too much for the normal gamer. But the super-fast refresh rate could tempt top players, where speed and smooth play matters.

LG says that the 27-inch OLED screen has a 0.03-millisecond answer time. The OLED bit should be better for the eyes during long games.

The firm's Gaming OLEDs give out the lowest level of blue light in the trade and about half the amount given out by top-of-the-range LCDs, LG said.

"This drop in blue light not only makes eye tiredness less but also gets rid of flickers, giving gamers more comfy and fun gaming times," the outfit said.


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