Intel to support overclocking with Arc graphics cards
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Integrating overclocking controls in driver UI

Intel has revealed that its upcoming Arc graphics cards will support overclocking, via its official driver UI.

Intel shows its Xe-HPG roadmap and details the Arc Alchemist GPU
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Shows Intel Xe SS (Super Sampling) as well

During its 2021 Architecture Day Intel gave a few more details about its upcoming Intel Arc GPUs, including the full roadmap, more details about the Arc Alchemist GPU, as well as the Intel Xe SS (Super Sampling) technology.

Intel introduces its new Arc brand for graphics products
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Will cover hardware, software, and services  

Intel pulled a rather neat surprise today unveiling its new Intel Arc brand for its upcoming consumer high-performance graphics products, including the upcoming Xe HPG 1st generation graphics card (DG2), as well as future Intel graphics products.