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Mobile NAND Flash Market is expected to grow

by on24 January 2018

Radiant Insight report out

Tarot readers working for analyst outfit Radiant Insights have shuffled their deck, and come up with a divination suggesting the global mobile NAND Flash Market is expected to grow significantly over coming years.

Development in NAND flash drives has been gaining traction, resulting into a reduction of cost per bit and increase in maximum chip capacity. NAND flash memory is found in devices and large files such as MP3 players, mobiles, digital cameras and USB drives.

NAND has a fixed frequency of write cycles and NAND failure is normally considered as failure of individual cells and overall degradation in performance, known as wear-out. When a NAND flash wears out, the user has to buy a new one and the device begins to function further. To overcome the overhead cost and additional expense on storage, manufacturers have now begun to load NAND flash memory on electronic devices that enable maximum read-write cycles and lower the voltage requirements.

Commercial driving factors responsible for the growth of Mobile NAND Flash Market include significance of NAND flash resulting into cost per bit and rise in chip capacity efficient against magnetic storage. The recent developments in hard drives, MP3 players, digital cameras and USB drives have been deploying NAND flash technologies, the report said.

Geographically, the mobile NAND Flash Market spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa. APAC market dominates the market growth  and is expected to grow in the near future due to rise in use of NAND flash memory to lower the additional storage costs for memory. The North America and Europe market is expected to grow significantly in the near future owing to heavy demand for mobile and smartphones with reasonable rates.

The NAND flash market in MEA regions is also anticipated to grow at a positive CAGR due to the significance of NAND flash enabled devices. The key players in the mobile NAND flash market include Micron , Intel, Samsung , SanDisk, Toshiba and SK Hynix.

Last modified on 24 January 2018
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