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Survey says 35 percent will buy new iPhone

by on26 July 2011

Remaining 65 percent will try to talk them out of it
PriceGrabber’s latest poll claims that 35 percent of users are planning to buy an iPhone 5 when it hits the shelves.

The poll included 2,852 consumers and revealed what we knew all along – people just like them new iPhones. Apparently, 7 percent intend to buy it in the first week; 30 percent intend to do so by end of 2011 whereas 52 percent ill buy it in the first year of release.

Of course, this is far from a definitive global survey, but you can bet your money that the end result will be pretty close. Oh and I was just joking about the ‘talk them out of it’ part, because when it comes to buying Apple gear, the term mission impossible seems like a walk in the park.

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Last modified on 26 July 2011
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