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Unlocked iPhone 4S coming in November

by on07 October 2011

Starting at $649
Apple is now listing contract-free iPhone 4S versions on its website and for those who don’t like to be stuck in a two-year contract, the revamped phone should ship in November

Prices start at $649 for the 16GB variant, while 32GB and 64GB models cost $749 and $849 respectively. As expected, the prices are quite steep and consumers will be paying $100 more for additional storage, 16GB or 32GB extra still costs you $100. In Blighty, the prices stand at £499, £599 and £699 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

In case you are in the market for the old iPhone 4 with 8GB of storage, you can expect to pay €519 in Euroland and $549 in the US. This is hardly a bargain and the same goes for the ancient 3GS 8GB, which sells for €369/ $375. In the Android world that sort of money can get you Samsung’s first gen Galaxy S, HTC’s Desire HD or LG’s P920 Optimus with a dual-core OMAP processor.

In related news, Apple’s reality distortion field is still free.
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