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365 million iOS devices sold since March 30

by on12 June 2012


80 percent are running iOS5

Last night Apple revealed the company has sold a staggering number of 365 million iOS devices since March 30th. It was also said that 80 percent of their customers are running iOS 5 while the remaining 20 is stuck with iOS 4 and older.

Scott Forstall Senior VP of iPhone software didn't miss a chance for some comparisons with Android. Namely, only about 7 percent Android users run Android 4.0, meaning that last year’s Gingerbread Android 2.3 remains dominant with more than 75 percent.

Apple talked that it served 1.5 trillion push messages, some 7 billion per day which is quite a big number. More importantly, he talked about 140 million iMessage users that have sent 150 billion messages at a rate of 1 billion per day. This should spell huge losses for telecoms but we will look into this some other time.

Apple’s iOS5 is responsible for 10 billion tweets and some 47 percent of photos come from it as well. According to Apple, the number of people using twitter on iOS increased three-fold since it was introduced for iOS5.

Game center got some 130 million accounts that are generating 5 billion scores per week and 67 or top 100 games integrate with it. If you have a team of employees who have iPhones and iPads, this is what a good portion of 130 million of them are doing when you’re wondering what they’re doing in their work hours. Shut up and throw that bird already.

Apple also claims that 75 percent of customers are satisfied with iOS. According to a chart they pulled out of somewhere, there are less than 50 percent of satisfied Android users, close to 40 percent satisfied Windows phone users and less than 25 percent satisfied RIM users.

You can imagine Android users aren’t happy as only 7 percent of them have the top Android 4.0, whereas 93 percent is still stuck with the old Android 2.3 or worse. The big numbers were thrown out Steve Jobs-style and traditionally made Apple look better than the competition. We have to admit that for the good parts of it they did a good job in last two years with iPhone 4 and 4S, but they do need a bigger screen.

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