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Motorola X-Phone could show up at Google I/O

by on21 January 2013

5-inch screen in compact package

In addition to rampant iPhone rumours, there is also plenty of chatter about a new Google phone.

The so-called X-phone is reportedly being developed by Motorola’s Skunk Works and it should feature a world beating spec. The headline feature will apparently be a new 5-inch screen with a tiny bezel, which will allow designers to come up with a very compact design, possibly the smallest 5-incher to date.

If the latest rumours are to be believed, the X-phone could debut at Google I/O in May. But why is Google coming up with an entirely new brand, rather than just expanding its Nexus line? It seems the phone will be Motorola’s first cross-network phone and the company will use the new universal brand in subsequent devices. The new brand could also point to a premium line of Android devices built by Motorola, with Google’s blessing.

However, some things don’t add up. The uncorroborated report claims that Motorola is working on a new user interface for the phone and some software additions to improve OS functionality. This means it probably won’t deliver a pure Android experience like Nexus devices, although Motorola has cut down on UI customization in recent devices.

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