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Quarter of all Android phones to get pressure sensitive screens

by on21 December 2015

Apple had them now everyone else will want them

Dispite the fact that no one was interested in pressure sensitive touch phones until Apple released the iPhone 6S this year. HIS believes that many big names including Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi phones are suddenly going to discover the feature which has been part of Android since the beginning.

The Android community tends to copy the cool ideas from the iPhone and vice versa, but in this case it looks like the Android crowd were waiting for Apple to take a punt with it first. The technology was tried a few times in Android phones and did not go anywhere. It has been unused Android code for years.

IHS believes that quarter of new higher end headsets might end up with a force touch style display. Most of the Chinese manufacturers including Meizu and Xiaomi came up with a fingerprint scanner shortly after iPhone 6 and we expect to see the same trend over again.

The research gigant believes that shipments of Force Touch modules will rise by 317 per cent to 461 million units next year. This will  happen across  mainstream phones and the high end will get this feature.

There are many indications of increased production of the force touch style screens in the market and there is a big chance that this feature will land in many important phones in the 2016 and onward.

Apple on the other hand is also known for copy cat features of its own including 4K cameras years behind competition as well as using a screen as a flash, making live photos years after HTC introduced it.  It has bought many android features into the iOS.

Force touch is a nice thing to have but not something we could not live without. Your next high end android might come with it. May the 3D touch force be with you, not that you will have much choice.. 

Last modified on 21 December 2015
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