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Ikea makes smartphone borking tables

by on02 February 2016

Now if only we could assemble one

The Swedish makers of flatpack furniture which has a unique feature requiring screws to be hit in with hammers after consulting complicated plan with a font so small that it could be written on a rice grain, have come up with a table that kills off phone use.

Ikea designers took time out from creating the perfect meatball to design a table that prevents people being distracted by their phones.

The design forces diners to communicate rather than taking narcissistic pictures of them eating their dinner

Instead smartphone-powered, food-warming hotplate in the centre raises up, and can only be heated by surrendering smartphones to the power pad below. If someone takes their phone away, the temperate drops, and everyone gets luke-warm, undercooked or raw food that no one will want to photograph.

That is of course that the owner of the dinner party has managed to assemble the table right and it does not simply cook your smartphone.

Last modified on 02 February 2016
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