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Windows Phone OS now on less than 1 percent of phones

by on24 May 2016

Microsoft only sells 2.3 million Lumia devices in Q1 2016

According to the latest report, Microsoft's Windows Phone now holds less than one percent of the market share due to low sales in the Q1 2016.

According to the latest smartphone sales report from Gartner, Windows Phone OS is pretty much dead and while the worldwide smartphone sales have increased by almost 4 percent in the latest quarter, sales of Microsoft Lumia devices have actually dropped down to 2.4 million devices, which is about 0.7 market share overall.

The latest numbers are a significant decrease from 2.5 percent market share the OS has held in the same quarter last year. As noted, Microsoft only sold 2.3 million Lumia devices in the last quarter which is a 73 percent drop from 8.6 million devices it sold in the same quarter last year, which resulted in a smartphone revenue drop of 46 percent.

Earlier rumors also suggest that Microsoft plans to launch a Surface-branded smartphone next year which should help to bring the OS back, but we are not holding our breath. There are no known plans for new Lumia devices this year, which suggest that both sales and the market share will continue to drop.

According to the report, the drop in sales can be attributed to the lack of new Lumia devices as well as Microsoft's plans to sell its feature phone business to Foxconn for US $350 million.

When it comes to worldwide smartphone sales, Samsung still holds the throne with 23.2 percent share, followed by Apple with 14.8 percent and Huawei with 8.3 percent. Oppo and Xiaomi hold 4.6 and 4.3 percent while other makers add up to 44.8 percent. Android OS still holds the majority of the smartphone market with 84.1 percent, while Apple's iOS holds 14.8 percent.

While the smartphone market is doing well it is obvious that Microsoft just can't make a serious impact.

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Last modified on 24 May 2016
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