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Apple punishes UK fanboys for their iPhone support

by on18 September 2017

You will have to pay £249 more than the rest of the world

Fruity Cargo cult Apple has decided that it really hates its UK fanboys and is making them pay £249 more than Americans for the new iPhone X.


According to  Apple has stiffed its fanbase so much it is having to defend itself.

The tech firm said the reason the price of the new iPhone X is considerably higher than the same model in the United States, is because of foreign exchange rates, taxes and distribution costs, according to a report published on MSN Money.

Basically, the iPhone X costs £999 in the UK, while in the United States consumers can get their hands on exactly the same model for US$999 – once you convert the UK price into dollars it leaves a difference of £249.

One media outlet even went as far as to point out that it would work out cheaper to buy a cheap return flight to New York, purchase a new iPhone there then fly back to the UK with the device.

Apple said that the UK’s 20 percent VAT and other costs, such as distribution and exchange rates are major factors in the price difference.

“Apple sets the pricing for its products in US dollars and then adjusts internationally to account for foreign exchange rates and channel distribution costs,” Apple said in a statement. “In the US pricing does not include sales tax, which varies from state to state, whereas in the UK pricing includes VAT at 20 percent.”

However, some experts have sat down with a calculator and discovered that even without VAT, the iPhone X will still cost £80 more than in the United States, which suggests Apple is making it up as it goes along.

Of course British Apple fanboys will still buy it, they are probably emailing Apple now and DEMANDING that Apple charge them more.

Last modified on 18 September 2017
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