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Motorola Edge successor coming

by on06 July 2021

Leaker spots some details

While the world has been awaiting a Motorola Edge successor for a while, a leaker has found evidence that four phones are about to come out.

Popular leaker Evan Blass claims to have found evidence that there will be four new phones - the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20 Lite, Edge 20 Pro, and a different version of the Edge 20 with a bigger screen and battery, but not so hot cameras, that'll release in the US.

Blass states that these phones will launch at the end of July which is later than anyone expected and might be down to some minor production delays.

In early 2021 it was suggested the second-gen Motorola Edge family would launch around March or April. What happened was that time scale was for the release of the Motorola Edge S better known as the Moto G100 in the rest of the world. At the time Motorola told us that the Edge S wasn't part of the second-gen Edge line.

If the Motorola Edge 20 arrives in late July, it would only be a month late and given the number of delays and cancellations of phones we've seen in 2021 Motorola has done well.

Some of the mobile phone press have muttered that the naming changes are off as Motorola leaping up to 20 instead of 2. However unlikely many companies Motorola has never really had a logical naming convention.  In 2020 the premium handset was the Edge Plus, but Blass thinks Motorola is going to call the top-end model the Edge 20 Pro.

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