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ZTE launches under-display camera technology

by on17 August 2021

ZTE Axon 30 offers huge improvements

ZTE has officially announced today the global launch of ZTE Axon 30, the new-generation under-display camera smartphone.

The outfit claims to have overcome handful of technical challenges and conducted innovative improvements in special pixel matrix, unique driver circuits, independent display chip, front camera, in-house selfie algorithm, and larger light-sensitive 4-in-1 2.24um equivalent large pixel camera.

The company said that the invisibility of the front camera and the display performance has been even further enhanced, taking a great leap to provide a better experience for users.

The Axon 30 has an under-display screen with such a high pixel density of up to 400 PPI, providing better display performance while maintaining high transmittance and an improved visual integration with the screen as a whole.

An independent display chip has been incorporated into this new device, improving the accuracy and synchronisation of the screen display through intelligent pixel enhancement and display optimisation.

There are seven layers of highly transparent materials and three processing technologies which make the under-display camera area to be more light-transmissive.

Axon 30 is equipped with a screen that supports refresh rate of up to 120Hz and touch sampling rate of up to 360 Hz.

The ZTE Axon 30 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870G mobile platform with a "1+3+4" octa-core design and a maximum core frequency of 3.2GHz. The computing, graphics rendering, and networking capabilities of this device can also support gaming experience of professional grade.

Nonetheless, the self-developed memory fusion technology has been applied to use part of the free storage space as certain expanded running memory up to 5GB, enabling users with even greater experiences.

The Axon 30 has been upgraded with an AI quad-camera, including a 64-megapixel main camera, a 120-degree wide-angle camera, a 3cm macro lens and a depth-of-field lens, which enables users with easy access to all kinds of photography scenarios.

Open sales of ZTE Axon 30 would start on September 9, and the pricing would start from $499.

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