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Apple comes up with a new iOS scheme

by on16 August 2022

Buy now and we will add features later 

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has come up with a wizard scheme which will sell iPhones without having to provide any new features.

For a while now, Apple and its allies in the Tame Apple Press have been experimenting with a system where a feature is promised and hyped in the next iPhone or its operating systems.  This feature is heavily talked about but turns out to be vapourware and since Apple never commented on it in the first place it is hardly its fault. 

Now it seems that Apple has developed this programme even further by releasing a "new" operating system with many of the hyped features "disabled" to some point in the future which may or may not be in the lifetime of the operating system.

We have to admit that this idea is super, cool, and brilliant as it means that Apple can claim to have a feature and encourage the Apple fanboy to buy it, without having to actually provide it. We are sure that Apple will fulfill its promises, after all it always does what it promises, but in this case it does not have to.

Apple announced iOS 16 during the WWDC 2022 keynote, but there are lots of features that won’t be available as soon as the operating system is available. For example,  the iOS 16 redesigned Lock Screen is one of the headline features delayed, along with Live Activities which will reveal what you are doing to your mother without her having to unlock your Lock Screen. Another delayed feature is the Live Activities API which will allow you to follow a sports game or track the progress of your ride or order with just a glance. 

Another thing which Apple told us would be arriving for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, Freeform is a new flexible canvas failed to make the cut. Freeform allows users to diagramming new projects, and share their projects while chatting via iMessage or FaceTime. This whiteboard has plenty of space for lots of people working together by writing or drawing. It might come one of these days.

Game Center will also lack features when iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura launches this is because of problems with SharePlay support. 

For iOS 16 and tvOS 16, Matter support won’t launch until "sometime later this year". Matter is a new smart home connectivity standard that will enable compatible accessories to work together across platforms. Matter will allow you to choose from even more compatible smart home accessories and control them with the Home app and Siri on Apple devices.

For iPadOS 16, Focus filter, which will be the ability to set boundaries within Apple apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari to draw boundaries for each Focus you enable, won’t launch with the first version of iPadOS 16.

Not satisfied with failing to provide apps,  Apple will delay the iPadOS 16 launch by at least a month.


Last modified on 16 August 2022
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