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Apple to increase adverts on user interface

by on15 August 2022

We need the money 

Cash-strapped Apple is apparently so poor that it has to turn its user interface into a bill board for advertising. 

Apple's iOS is already programmed to display ads at various points throughout its UI and now Bloomberg claims that these adverts will start increasing.

Apparently, they will start popping up in new locations within the OEM's App Store, and spread to other first-party apps afterwards.

What is odd is that the idea of serving ads in social media feeds is starting to backfire and even Facebook is starting to see that it is not a secure long term investment. As anyone who has tried to sit through a YouTube programme on music of the 1980s only to be bothered by an irritating iWatch advert every ten minutes will tell you -- it causes users to retreat from your product.

However, Apple is still reportedly convinced tha its users are dumb enough to spend a fortune on a product and then sit through shedloads of adverts afterwards.

Apple cult leader Tim Cook touted its potential for revenue during the Cupertino giant's latest investor conference, especially in comparison to other emerging concerns such as its services or augmented-reality aspirations.

Apple's head of advertising, Todd Teresi, has said he wants to double this division's earnings (currently estimated at about US$4 billion) over the next few years. However, to do this, the OEM's UIs will have to start showing more ads, such as those currently seen in iOS' News feed. 

Bloomberg's tech correspondent Mark Gurman said Apple's Maps will update to start showing ads in its search UI, as well as those in first-party content apps, such as Podcasts. Therefore, iOS may become much more of an ad-supported UI in the future (as might iPadOS, for that matter).

Apple fanboys might feel safe that under  Apple's App Tracking Transparency option sits in-house ad system that “does not follow them across apps and websites owned by other companies" but after having paid so much for an iPhone only to get swamped by adverts that is pretty cold comfort. 


Last modified on 15 August 2022
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