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iOS 16 is a battery vampire

by on14 September 2022

Apple fanboys up in arms

Apple fanboys are shocked to discover that Apple has released yet another operating system which was borked and is draining the life from their shiny toys in minutes.

One user tweeted: “Experiencing a huge amount of battery drain on the official iOS 16 release. My battery went down 10% within an hour without even touching it.'

Another added: “do NOT update to ios 16 unless u want ur battery to go from a 100 to 90 in 30 mins.”

And one vented: “My battery drains faster than normal—even with minimal browsing. This kinda sucks.”

Without wondering how Apple quality control failed to notice what is a huge cock-up the Tame Apple Press rushed to defend their favourite company.

ZDNet claimed installing a new OS on an iPhone triggers a lot of stuff to go on in the background, from indexing to recalibrating the battery, and this can go on for hours or even days.

“Not only does this consume power, but the battery recalibration can give the impression that the battery is draining more rapidly when in fact it isn't.”

So basically users are dreaming about it and it will go away.

If you're worried about your iPhone battery and it's been a few days since you updated to iOS 16, Mr ZDNet advises checking your battery health.

So, if you are not dreaming about it then there must be something wrong with your battery which mysteriously was not there before the OS update.

The Tame Apple press then goes on to provide the new OS with lots of free advertising mostly for features that have not turned up yet.


Last modified on 14 September 2022
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