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iPhone 14 losing value fast

by on06 October 2022

Better to buy or keep your earlier model

Popular used phone retailer SellCell, has published a detailed depreciation report comparing iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models and found that Apple’s new handset loses value twice as fast as its predecessor.

SellCell found that iPhone 14 models lose 40 per cent of their value within 10 days. This compares to an average of just 18 per cent for the iPhone 13. In contrast, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models perform in line with, if not slightly better than, their predecessors, losing approximately 20 per cent of their value.

The report blames the cost of living crisis, but states another factor is that users do not see the iPhone 14 as being an upgrade.

“Consumers’ perceived lack of innovation within the iPhone 14 base range has led to poor take-up of the device, post physical release,” explains the report. “This means demand is low on the resale market, too, so the value of the base range has dropped significantly.”

Explaining its methodology, SellCell said it analysed trade-in values of the iPhone 14 series of handsets, with value data for “Like New” handsets taken from over 40 trusted buyback vendors, 10 days following Apple’s physical release of the iPhone 14 on September 16, 2022. It then compared like-for-like data for the iPhone 13 lineup.


Last modified on 06 October 2022
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